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  • Where is my order?
    Because this is still a very small operation I only ship out orders on Monday (and occasionally Tuesday). The cut off time for Monday shipment is 11:59 EST on Friday. If you order after this time then I cannot guarantee your order will ship that Monday. Instead it ship out the following Monday. If it has been 8 days of longer and you have not received a tracking number than please contact as there might be an issue. There are plans to add more shipment throughout the week, but to maintain freshness I will do everything I can to prevent the cotton candy from sitting in a hot warehouse over the weekend.
  • What is Heat Insurance?
    Cotton candy is not the most durable food and can shrink in extreme heat during shipment. The cotton candy is unlikely to shrink, but we added the option of heat insurance to give you peace of mind. Our heat insurance includes expedited shipping, a thermal barrier, and if this is still not enough we will replace your order. We do require a picture of the shrunk cotton candy be sent to within 2-3 days of delivery before the replacement is sent out.
  • Are there allergens in any of your products?
    None of our products include any of the 9 major allergens in the production process. Our flavors do have food coloring including, but not limited too, FD&C Blue 1, Red 40, and Red 3. Every flavor is made in the same machine so even the dye-free flavors will have cross contact for these dyes as well as cross contact of other flavorings. As we expand there will be dedicated machines for flavors to limit cross contact, but that is not currently possible right now. I am sorry for the inconvenience.
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