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Experimental Specialty Cotton Candy

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Fresh. It's what we stand for

All of our cotton candy is made and shipped within 24 hour. 


Cotton candy from Amazon and Walmart is often made months ago and tastes stale. However, cotton candy stays stable for a lot longer than it tastes good. We do not make any cotton candy until there is an order so the cotton candy goes straight out our kitchen into your mailbox.

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Our Belief

We at The Cotton Candy Lab believe in the art, and the science, of making cotton candy to the highest quality. We want our cotton candy to be a treat for all of the senses. This delicacy should also be a treat for your brain. Through chemistry and physics, we can show how intriguing cotton candy really is. Our goal is to show the wonders of science as well as leaving a smile from the taste.

Join our Team!

We are currently hiring cotton candy spinners in all areas of Virginia. Check out our Job Description

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